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Who We Are.

Youth Without Borders Ghana is a youth-for-youth development Non-Governmental organisation and social movement with national, continental and global outlook. We seek to courageously challenge the systems around the world of young people that hinder the full realization of their potential and development. Our commitment is to build concrete structures and solutions to address the developmental challenges facing young people and society at large.

YWB believes that sound youth development can be achieved through engagement and information sharing in an atmosphere in which youth self -worth, powers, experiences and achievements are recognized, realized and valued.  

Founded in 2014, Youth Without Borders Ghana was incorporated under the Republic of Ghana’s Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) on the 17th February, 2016 with registration number CG011192016 as Youth Development Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Youth Organization.

Youth Without Borders Ghana is also registered with the National Youth Authority (NYA) Ghana with registration number ERNYA/N/YD/84  as a youth organization and the Department of Social Welfare of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection as a Non-Governmental Organization.

Vision: A prosperous, peaceful and happy society where the potential of every young person is unleashed.

Young people stand for certain set of qualities that are urgently needed to accelerate development at the national, continental and global level. YWB is ready to gather the needed expertise and resources towards this end by bringing together young minds. We are very optimistic that their impact on development at all levels will hugely be felt.

Mission: To harness the potential of young people for sustainable development.

We believe that young people through their passion, creativity and connectivity can create and implement solutions that tackle the world’s greatest developmental challenges. This will demand us to make available and utilise the right resources through the power of young people.

Core Values:

Passion, mutual respect, creativity, service, commitment, stewardship, integrity , nationalism and  Unity in Diversity

Slogan: Our voices, our actions/ The Future Is Now!

Motto: Unleashing youth potential

Goals and objectives: To gather and empower passionate, promising and purposeful young people to achieve their dreams and help them become responsible and contributing members of their communities.

Guiding Philosophy: YWB believes that sound youth development can be achieved through engagement and information sharing in an atmosphere in which youth self -worth, powers, experiences and achievements are recognised, realised and valued.

Strategies: YWB will use their ideas, skills, creativity, energies and other available resources to design and implement youth development initiatives in areas of:

  • Policies
  • Programmes
  • Projects

This is meant to develop young people and bring their contributions towards the development of the larger community, country, continent and world. Building important networks and partnerships with like-minded organizations is going to be an important focal point in our operations



A Youth Without Border (YWB) is a passionate, promising and purposeful young person with dreams and burning desire to become a responsible, positive influence and contributing member in the world around them. A Youth Without Border (YWB) embodies strong virtues including integrity, creativity, curiosity, resilience, optimism, motivation, courage, willpower, team spirit and service excellence. He/she acts in the wider interest of society and its people (general public) at all times and in all situations.

Full Members: These shall be card bearing, voting and dues paying members carefully vetted by the founders and management team. They take part in major decisions makings and policy directions of the organization. They are eligible to hold offices and enjoy full benefits and privileges of the organization including exclusive members-only events, forums for 24/7 consultation and resources.

Associate Members: Associate members are individuals or organization who believe in our course and feel proud to associate with us at different levels. They are non-voting, but as members, associates participate in activities like campaigns, events, annual meeting of the membership at large. This will provide them the opportunity to understand the plans and directions and to network with other members of the organisation. They shall be either:

  1. a) Champions: These shall be proposed by any full member to the executive committee to the general assembly based on their excellent personality and commitment for youth and social development. They will support the organization through advice, ideas, expertise and any other resources available to them.
  2. b) Volunteers: YWB works with a wide range of active, passionate and committed volunteers who support of work with their time, idea, expertise, knowledge, networks, resources and anything they can offer.
  3. c) Affiliates: This shall be granted to both local and international groups, organizations and institutions. They shall be partners, sponsors or donors who offer various form of support to help us implement our programmes and activities on ongoing basis.


Subscription levels

  1. Full members shall pay an annual membership subscription fee . The amount shall be reviewed annually at General Assembly Meetings.
  2. Associate members shall contribute whatever they can in cash or kind towards the operations and activities of the organisation.
  3. All members may periodically make various forms of contributions in furtherance of the vision, mission and goals of the organisation.


Mode of contribution/ donation/ payment

All monies coming into the organization should be deposited into our Bank and/or Mobile money accounts. Payments and all form of donations can also be done directly at our offices nationwide. Receipts, notice of payments and acknowledgements will be issued out in physical, email or by post.

Membership Benefits

  1. Opportunity to use your expertise, experiences and resources to make a real world impact
  2. Avenue to interact, learn and understand youth power and experiences
  3. The opportunity to join and participate in all our major activities and events
  4. Platform to access a wide range of resources, opportunities and tools
  5. The right to participate in making and implementing of key development policies
  6. Networking opportunities with other member/partners through our events and fora
  7. Many other opportunities awaits all YWB members


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