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These are outstanding achievers in their areas of work which we hope to gather and bring on board to help our works as agents of change and role models to young people in our country and beyond. We are much hopeful that the life and works of these people can inspire, motivate and help change the fortunes of young people hugely.

These are individuals who GENUINELY dedicates especially their ideas, time, money, knowledge, networks, influences, offices and any other resources they have to help our work. We are inviting any accomplished leader, entrepreneur, educationist, professional and well-meaning persons who is willing and believes in investing in the most important asset of our nation to come on board and support us in diverse ways.

We will be contacting these individuals as and when we identify them and anybody wishing to act as a Champion too can contact us.

We are very grateful for your acceptance to invest in the youth who are the backbone of our countries development and future.

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